Charlene Rose first became aware of her resemblance to Dolly Parton when buyers and engineers at the aerospace companies she did business with would refer to her as "Dolly." She would ask them "why do you call me Dolly?" They would say, "because you resemble her, you are built like her and have a similar voice and the same laugh as Dolly Parton."


Char wasn't quite convinced. Then her girlfriends insisted she go to a Halloween Party dressed like Dolly and compete in a Dolly Parton look alike contest. So, she bought a cheap blonde wig, painted her face, slipped on some spiked high heels and modified some clothing. She won first place competing against 30 other "Dollies!"


Char felt that maybe she did look like Dolly a bit more than she realized. So, with her typical abounding energy and enthusiasm, she began to impersonate Dolly Parton, full tilt. This eventually lead to Char getting offers to be Dolly at corporate events, birthday parties, grand openings, Bar Mitzvahs, TV appearances and eventually touring the world doing shows in casinos and on cruise ships.


During her career as "the" Dolly Parton look alike, she has worked with and met Prime Ministers, Police Chiefs, Actors, Princes, Nobility and even a Count! She recently met and chatted with the Duchess of York, Fergie, who delightfully gave Char her card saying that it would be great fun to go to a party together and try and pass her (Fergie) off as a look alike! This Duchess is so down to earth!


Not only has Char performed as "the" Dolly Parton look alike throughout the United States but she has also done so internationally in countries like Sweden, Finland, Malaysia (where she performed for the Prime Minister), Germany, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, to name but a few.


When Char first met Dolly Parton (not as a look alike), Dolly's publicist approached her because of her incredible resemblance to the legendary country and western star and asked for her name and phone number. Five days later Char was asked to appear on Jay Leno's Tonight Show with Dolly.


Since then†she has appeared on numerous TV shows as well as a documentary on the CMT channel (Country Music Television) that aired throughout the summer of 2004. She recently filmed a TV pilot that will air on The Lifetime Network called Look Alike Hotel. She worked as a consultant for A&E's Biography on 15 of the Sexiest People of the Century. A portion of the show was taped at the Playboy Mansion where Char met and took photos with Hugh Hefner.


Since Producer/Director Michael Bay (Armageddon, The Rock, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys II) cast her in her very first TV commercial, Char has been featured in TV commercials both nationally and internationally. Char also has been featured in†roles in movies with Jake Busey, Eric Roberts and Jennifer Tilly


Char's first love is music. She is a song lyricist with several secured copyrights on her work and has been a member of The Academy of Country Music since the early 80's. Char was recently featured in country singer Toby Keith's video I Love This Bar.


Char has graced the pages and covers of newspapers and magazines from China to California's Catalina Island, including the cover of PARADE Magazine. And, yes, she has even made it in to the National Enquirer when she was mistaken for the real Dolly Parton and escorted in to Mel Gibson's private Oscar Party for Braveheart. Char partied with the likes of John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, Michael Douglas, and Steven Speilberg. Oh, and Mel and the rest of the cast of Braveheart too!


Once, on her way to Malaysia, to do Dolly, Char†was invited into the cockpit to have champagne with the Captain and Crew of the flight (pre 9-11 of course). As she posed for pictures with the crew, she saw a gentleman in his seat waiving. Waiving back, she noticed it was Actor Eric Estrada and with a big wink, said to the crew, "Now, there's a REAL star!"


Char MasudaBeing "the" Dolly Parton look alike has been a nonstop adventure for Charlene Rose over the last twenty years. Char cherishes every thrilling moment she's spent performing as Dolly Parton all around the world.


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